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Whether you have a new baby, a threenager or a teenager, Tough Mamas takes the guesswork out of postpartum fitness by providing affordable, effective, 30-minute workouts on-demand.


  • Body positive workouts posted twice a week
  • 30-minute routines that fit your busy schedule
  • Modifications for c-sections, pregnancy, breastfeeding, pelvic issues, sore wrists, and more
  • Brand new videos so you'll never get bored
  • A log to keep track of your completed workouts
  • Automatic notifications sent to a workout buddy when you've finished a session


Debbie's personality is so fun and she keeps me entertained - before I know it, the workout is finished and I'm a sweaty mess, but a sweaty mess that feels awesome about myself.


Tough Mamas makes it so easy to squeeze in a good workout while my baby girl naps. I feel good about taking time for me - and my 3 year old joins in from time to time, too.


Debbie's "love your body" mentality has changed the way I feel about exercising. It's empowering and encouraging, and makes me look forward to each workout.



I'm Debbie Saroufim, and I believe your body is, and always has been amazing. My mission is to help you maintain a realistic lifestyle of self-care, both physically and mentally.

My style focuses on maximizing energy efficiency. Our full body workouts get your heart rate up and your core engaged without the use of heavy weights or expensive equipment.

At Tough Mamas, we don't care about the before and after pic. Working out with me means loving your body, no matter what level you are at. As a mother of two, I've learned that fitness is about redefining my me time, giving myself permission to feel healthy, and treating my body well. Because that's what a Tough Mama's body needs.

Debbie Saroufim is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified trainer.

Want to buy our Tough Mamas Literally Can Even exclusive tank top?

100% of proceeds go directly to SheLift, a non-profit organization that empowers women to thrive and learn to love their bodies through outdoor adventures, influential mentorships, and by providing a safe place to connect with other women.

Support SheLift


When are new videos posted?

New videos are posted Tuesday and Friday at 10 am (PST). Simply click on "Current Workout" to watch. These workouts will be available online for one week after they are posted. It's really simple. No libraries to look through. No wondering about which video to do. Use it or lose it.

Are two workouts enough?

Fitness is about creating a lifestyle and finding a schedule that is maintainable. Two strength training workouts each week are a great baseline for anyone, but if you're looking for more activity, mix it up. Go for a run, a walk, bike ride, do yoga, swim, dance, or do anything that keeps you moving and makes you happy. Any amount of time, even if it's short, is giving back to yourself.

Do I need any special equipment?

No equipment is ever required. Should you want to increase the intensity of a workout, optional (but handy) props to have nearby:

  • Two dish towels (wood/tile floors) and/or two paper plates (for carpet)
  • A step stool
  • For extra knee support, use a workout mat, blanket or pillow
  • Don't forget to keep water nearby

Is this safe for me?

Like with any workout routine, consult with your doctor before starting Tough Mamas. That being said, if you don't have pre-existing health concerns, this program should be safe for you. Please note: It's important that you are at least six-weeks postpartum and/or have clearance to exercise from your doctor. Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before participating in this program.

For our pregnant mamas: Again, always ask your doctor before beginning any exercise routine, but if you've been exercising before pregnancy, it's generally okay to continue the same types of routines you're used to doing. However, it's not the best time to start a new routine that your changing body isn't used to. We also provide pregnancy modifications in the videos.

Questions? Comments?

E-mail us at team@toughmamas.com.